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Here is the repository of all knowledge that is referenced in the books as supposed to appear on the web.

This is a work in progress.

Fighters by Species
Species Fighter Benefit
Canosian     +1 bonus on Fighter Engineering skill checks. (This is cumulative with the Fighter Engineering upgrade.)
Human        +1 bonus on Fighter Piloting skill checks. (This is cumulative with the Fighter Helm upgrade.)
Silicoid        Reroll one or both dice on Survival checks.
Tentac         You may reroll one hit allocation die whenever you’re attacking starships.
Whistler      +3 bonus to Piloting skill checks when dogfighting.
Xeloxian      +1 on Fighter to-hit rolls. (This is cumulative with the Fighter Cannon upgrade.)
Zoallan        Armored, –1 damage to occupants.

Bots              Holds up to 3 occupants if they are all bots.
Beastmen     Hacking enemy portals is a free action at +3.
Fungaloid        Acts as a Science Probe.
Trundlian        Each hit from a Trundlian fighter to a ship causes an additional point of hull damage.

Xenobiologist Special Ability (New Ruling)
Xenobiologists ignore damage reduction or mitigation effects from targets they hit with personal weapons.  Armor and Powered Armor work as normal against their attacks.


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