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World Conquerors is a game of global domination by Jeff Siadek.  
You'll throw dice to attack territories and play cards to modify the dice and gain tactical advantages.

Here's a photo of the game just back from the printers!


The attacker rolls one die for each territory they have adjacent to the target territory.
The defender rolls one die for the target territory and one die for each adjacent territory.
Compare the highest dice only. In the case of a tie, compare the next highest dice and so on.
If you have a general in or adjacent to the territory, you can reroll one of your dice.

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Each time you lose an attack (or attempt an attack across a sea) you must pay an escalating Supply Cost.
The thing that makes this game interesting is the deck of world conquerors.
Each card is based on one of the 48 most famous attempted world conquerors throughout history.
The cards reflect the goals and abilities of the real people that made their own bid for world conquest.
Alexander's battle cunning is reflected in his ability to force the defender to reroll one of his dice.
Napoleon lets you move generals. Victoria and Elizabeth have naval related powers.
Jefferson makes purchases and Bolivar is good against the Europeans.


You only get four turns to conquer the world.
If nobody has conquered it all by game end,
the player who conquered the most of the world at any given point wins.
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World Conquerors is also expanded by:

revolutionaries expansion

Add 30 cards to your arsenal and take over the world one idea at a time.